Having a sizable balcony garden, watering becomes the bane of your existence. Self-watering containers need a LOT of water. It’s so rare that apartments or condos have outdoor water sources, and schlepping watering can after watering can outside gets old really fast. After my first year of gardening, I knew that I needed to setup a hose. The good news is that setting up a hose in your apartment is easy!

The hose adapter I use attached to my bathroom tap.
The hose adapter I use attached to my bathroom tap.

The most important part about setting up hoses in your apartment or condo is making sure you have the correct connector piece that will work with your tap. I was lucky enough to buy this piece which is adjustable and fits onto a variety of taps, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available anymore in Canada. After doing some research, this seems to be the most popular and commonly available attachment piece.

Hose running through a bedroom.
I have to run my hose through our bedroom, which is why I use a 50ft length.

I am a big fan of the cloth style collapsible hoses. They stretch out so much while being compact for storage when not in use which is so key in an apartment. As you can see, I have to run mine from my bathroom sink through the bedroom and out onto our balcony, so length of the hose is important. I use this 50ft collapsible hose and it has worked great for me for the last two years. The length you’ll need is entirely dependent on distance between your available tap to your garden and the size of your garden.

A hose sitting on two container garden beds.

The only downside to this type of setup is the water pressure. Although the pressure you will get from connecting a hose to your bathroom or kitchen sink doesn’t rival that of an outdoor water spigot, the ability to water your plants with an actual hose far outweighs that singular negative. Now that my garden is self-watering, I only have to water weekly as a general rule and it’s made so much easier with an actual hose. I could never go back to a watering can!