Hi! I’m Sinéad! After moving to Toronto a couple of years ago, I became obsessed with gardening as a way to cope with the concrete jungle. I was lucky enough to move into a south facing space with a huge outdoor balcony – a dream for vegetable gardens! But the apartment is on a high floor and time and again I was faced with situations where there simply weren’t answers online that were clear enough about the challenges of high-rise balcony gardening. Sometimes the only answer I could find was that it probably wouldn’t work and don’t bother trying. This frustrated me and led me to many DIY attempts and trial and error experiments.

And guess what? They worked! I’m now in my third year of growing a productive and pretty expansive vegetable garden for a high-rise space and I’m so excited to share everything I’ve learned with other people! Regardless of your space, if you have some sunlight and some fresh air, you can grow your own vegetables. And even if you don’t have outdoor space at all, you can make your apartment an indoor jungle oasis, too! THG is for everyone living in a small urban space who wants to add some nature to their lives.